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Welcome! Undertaking your own iPhone repair can be a daunting task, especially if you have very little previous technical understanding of the hardware and implications of making changes to it.

This blog aims to clear that up. We have several posts that are informative and should be helpful to anyone from the newbie to the advanced iPhone fix.



We just added an informative article on iPhone repair options in Halifax! Check it out here


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Oakville iPhone Repair Now Offering Same Day Service

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Many in the GTA and surrounding areas have had to find themselves an iPhone repair business in the downtown area if they find themselves with a broken or cracked iPhone 4 or 5 screen. Fortunately in recent months this has been changing as the iPhone repair business has been seeing increasing popularity especially in the Oakville area. Of course as with any new service or product, its up to the consumer to make the right choice and avoid the lower quality businesses. Here are some quick tips for choosing the right iPhone repair shop in Oakville, ON.

1. Do not get your phone repaired anywhere that refuses to offer an extensive warranty. The market average is always changing, but you should generally look for a 60-120 day warranty on the repaired portion of the phone (screen, battery, headphone jack, etc).

2. Previous satisfied customers are also a good sign that the company your looking at are experienced enough to get the job done professionally and without an extended wait time. It might be tempting to go with a lower price overall, but beware it may cost you in the long run.

Visit iphonerepairoakville.biz for some more cool tips on choosing an iPhone repair business in the GTA!

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Toronto iPhone Repair Reviews

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Toronto is a multicultural and as such is much like NYC with it’s different boroughs – Missisauga, North York, Kensington Market, etc. With such a diverse population, made up almost entirely of immigrants, it is no wonder it has been a hotbed for small business innovation. In recent years especially in Chinatown, this has been third party iPhone and iPad repair. http://myiphonerepaired.com

Best iPhone Repairs in Toronto

Before you cringe, it’s important to realize that getting your iPhone or iPad repaired by a third party in Toronto isn’t as sketchy as you think it might be thinking. Unfortunately, Apple has no repair service for  common accidents like broken screens, unresponsive home buttons and other nagging hardware issues. Opportunistic business owners have now begun offering solid repair services backed by a warranty which has created a different kind of competition in the Toronto market – one based on reputation and warranty more than the cheapest price for a given service which was the way it was in previous months.

This is ultimately the best way to choose an iPhone or iPad repair vendor in big cities like Ottawa, NYC and Toronto. While the lowest price may be tempting, you really are risking the integrity of your device by placing it in the hands of someone so inexperienced. The competition alone has dropped iPhone screen replacement in Toronto to around $80-90 which is a very reasonable price considering the vendors at that price point offer warranties and excellent service.

For other repairs such as jailbreaking or unlocking, the advice we offer is a bit different. These are evolving strategies, and as such you can probably get the job done yourself with a quick search of some YouTube tutorials. iPhone repair Toronto is located downtown and one of the best places to get your device fixed same day and with great customer service.

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Best Tips for Finding iPhone Screen Repair Specialists in Ottawa

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iPhone Screen Repair Ottawa

Everyone seems to be clamouring over the new iPhone models as of recently, and with that has come an emerging industry. Those that have been under the unfortunate circumstances  of having a hardware defect in their phone can now easily have their cell phone repaired locally in the Ottawa area. One of the most common components to come in for repair according to local iPhone specialists is the front display. This has two areas that are usually broken, the LCD digitizer (this is the actual screen), and the glass that covers it. Glass repair is easy and can be done on the spot, very fast for $20-30. You might think that the screen is more complicated, however it takes the same amount of time and can be accomplished in almost the same time frame, however the cost is significantly higher, with most trustworthy iPhone repair stores charging somewhere in the range of $80-100.

There is a reputable vendor for iPhone screen repair in Ottawa that can be found here http://iphonerepairottawa.net/iphone-screen-repair-ottawa/

Finding a trustworthy technician can be harder than you think though, with everyone seeing them as a professional iphone engineer, places like Kijiji have turned into a flea market. We recommend sticking to reputable iphone screen replacement vendors, most of which can be found on Google. You can also check with your friends on social networks like G+, Twitter and Facebook for personal recommendations, but whatever you do make sure they are professional and courteous.


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Need iPhone Screen Replacement? Consider a full Colour Conversion!

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With the explosive popularity of the iPhone in North America and overseas, there has come an underground industry focused on taking Jobs revolutionary device and making it as customizable as possible. This not only includes simple exterior cases which can be swapped out without touching any internal components, but also deeper  modifications that can only be completed by local iPhone repair specialists with years of experience.

What exactly can you expect to change on your phone? Full conversions consist of the front glass, LCD digitizer assembly, home button, and back casing. When complete, if you had a black iPhone any visible areas that were black will now be the colour you’ve chosen. This can be everything from blue, green, yellow, orange, red, even clear. These full conversion kits are aftermarket modification and can be purchased from hardware vendors on the internet, or from your local iPhone screen repair store. If you have broken your iPhone screen and want something new, this is rapidly becoming a popular choice for those that want to stand out from the crowd.

The difficulty in this process comes with finding a reputable NYC iPhone screen replacement vendor and making sure they complete the process correctly. A simply Google search will reveal just how complex the screen repair process can be – sensitive hardware parts, many tiny screws, and little leeway for error make this a job fit for a professional, which is why we recommend having your phones screen replacement done at NYC iPhone repair

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Steps To Fix A Water Damaged iPhone

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Dropping your beloved Apple iPhone in water, or even a simple splash can cause great anxiety and this is totally understandable. With so much time and money invested in our smartphones these days, they can become emotional and losing something that contains all our contacts, photos and memories can become emotional. What many people fail to realize is that a water damaged phone is not beyond repair and can usually be salvaged (although this is not a guarantee!) if you follow these three simple guidelines.

Turn it off!

Most water damage is caused by short circuiting which the water is interfering with an active circuit. As soon as you possibly can, turn off your phone to avoid this from happening. While it can be difficult since the phone may have been totally submerged, you can still avoid a majorly water damage iPhone by turning it off ASAP!

No rice bag!

The bag of rice method has become popular due to its ingenuity and cheap price tag. The only issue that arises from this is the possibility of small grains of rice becoming lodged somewhere in the phone. That, and there have been several writers in the blogosphere who have documented it not fixing their water damaged iPhone. Use it at your own risk but proper and professional guidance may be the best course of action instead.

Blow-dry it

Several other people have reported that extensively blow-drying the phone once excess water has been shaken off helps with the drying process. You`ll obviously want to keep the blow dryer a reasonable distance away. This can be especially useful if you have one handy, as it can expedite the process for reviving your water damaged iPhone.

Obviously the easy way to avoid this whole water damage issue is to keep your phone away from water at all times, however we all know mistakes happen, and this is why the iPhone repair community has come together – so don’t bite the bullet and send it off to Apple before you try the above fixes!

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Get your iPhone fixed locally, save tons of money

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Locally fix your iPhone and save money!


Have you dropped your Apple iPhone, cracking the screen or breaking a crucial element like the unlock or home button? Many frustrated iPhone users have suffered this fate before and came to the harsh reality that it can cost quite a bit to salvage your phone and get it back in usable condition. Apple charges a minimum of $200 to get it back up and running, and this can be a massive inconvenience for some who end up dumping the phone – why spend 30-40% of what you paid for the phone fixing small nuisance or cosmetic damage (assuming it isn’t a water damaged iPhone, in which case the problem may be more extensive) when you can get a new one for a bit more.

Well, with the emergence of local iPhone repair specialists who operate in most metropolitan cities you can now get a sure-fire solution without breaking the bank. The reality is cracked iPhone screen NYC parts can be ordered relatively cheap over the internet from Far East markets like Taiwan and China, which means there is definitely financial motivation for people like students and immigrants with a technical hardware background looking to earn some extra money on the side repairing screens and other simple components. While it can be a bit uncomfortable handing your phone over to be disassembled, rest assured that repairing the cracked glass or simple plastic cover requires very simple tools and replacement parts.

If you or your family or friends are frustrated and looking for a solution to hardware issues, before sending your device out to Apple and forking over serious cash consider this option. You can check your local classified site (think Kijiji or Craigs List), or even a simple Google search which will reveal many local options. Sites like Yelp, and other local authority review sites can provide a good guide on which vendors are trustworthy and will do a good job fixing your iPhone.

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